Three Types Of Dog Carriers

11 April 2023
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If you own a small dog, owning a dog carrier is a good idea. This device makes it easy to transport your dog, whether you're going to the vet clinic, traveling to a friend's home for a visit, or doing some other type of travel. You can look for an online pet supply store that carries a selection of dog carriers. While you'll likely start your shopping process by looking for a carrier in a size that suits your dog, you should also think about what carrier types are available and which might be the best fit for you and your pet. Here are three popular types of dog carriers. 


Many dog owners favor a hard-sided dog carrier. This device is made of strong plastic and has a metal cage-style door at one or both ends of the carrier. The durability of a hard-sided carrier is perhaps its biggest asset. A dog that claws at the floor of the carrier won't be able to damage it, for example. If you're in an area with other dogs, including some that may act aggressively toward your small pet, the hard sides and roof of this type of carrier will be able to easily provide a protective barrier around your dog.


Soft-sided dog carriers are also popular. These carriers come in several styles but commonly resemble a duffel bag. You may feel that this type of carrier is the right choice for you because of its lightweight. If you feel daunted about the idea of lifting a hard-sided carrier, you'll likely appreciate the light nature of a soft-sided product. This type of carrier can easily fold down when you aren't using it, which can make it convenient to store — particularly in a small apartment or home that has minimal storage space.


If you want a different option, consider buying a backpack carrier. This type of carrier is soft-sided but has a completely different design than most soft-sided carriers. As its name suggests, this is a carrier that you wear on your back instead of carrying it. The primary advantage of this design is that you can transport your dog with your hands-free. This allows you to carry other items with you or perhaps use an assistive device such as a cane if you need one to get around. 

Find out more about what type of carrier and other supplies your pet needs before you buy pet products online.