3 Things You’re Looking for in a Pet Supplement Distributor

4 August 2021
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When choosing a pet supplement distributor for your pet store or pet supply store, you should choose wisely. There are many distributors who offer pet supplements as part of their regular inventory, but this doesn't mean they are the best distributors or suppliers for your needs.

When you're looking for a pet supplement distributor, pay attention to these three things. This way, you can pick the best supplier in the first place and begin creating a great business relationship with a distributor who will help your own business succeed.

Trending or new advancements

A supplement is a dietary addition that can be taken orally to better improve the general health of people and pets. Since medical and diet advancements are always growing, it's important that you choose a pet supplement distributor who carries the most trending or most advanced pet supplement options. These can be those that contain CBD or new and studied herbs or other treatments that you don't currently carry but your customers have requested them.

Assorted packaging sizes

A pet supplement distributor should sell their vitamins, powder supplements, and other assortments in a variety of packaging sizes so you can best meet the needs of your own clients at your business. Some people prefer to buy in bulk, while others want to try a supplement on their pet for a while before committing to larger quantities. Choose a pet supplement distributor that sells pet supplements in a variety of packaging sizes, including custom or sample sizes. Use the inventory you have that attracts customers the most to help you determine what assorted supplement packaging efforts you need to buy from your pet supplement distributor.

Versatile inventory in pet supplements

A pet supplement distributor should have a versatile inventory in pet supplements, covering a wide array of animals and intended health uses. A pet supplement distributor should also carry a lot of different brands from various countries to meet your needs best.

A pet supplement distributor should have a versatile inventory for a few reasons: first, you'll be able to have access to unique and harder-to-find supplements to carry in your store. Secondly, you'll have an easier time finding the supplements that will fit your budget best.

When locating a pet supplement distributor, ask first about payment plans, shipping costs and strategies, and what deals can be made for long-term or larger contracts. If these initial things meet your needs, then proceed to check out a pet supplement distributor's inventory.